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Consulting Services

Our many years of restaurant experience and extensive tax expertise provide restaurant entrepreneurs the support and guidance needed to start and build a business, then operate it efficiently and cost-effectively.  Whether you're looking to start a new restaurant concept, purchase an existing business or transition your business to new owners, our leadership provides restaurant entrepreneurs a solid source of advice and support to navigate the purchase or sales process and ensure a rewarding outcome.  

Restaurant Financial Works


 If you are looking to purchase a restaurant or invest in a franchise concept, stop.  Call us.

Is this the right concept or franchise for you?

Are you paying too much?  

What is the right price?

Do you know most new restauranteurs

overspend on buildout?


 We have navigated hundreds of individuals successfully through the purchase process and

know how to prevent financial setbacks from which

it can be difficult, if not impossible, to recover.

You owe it to yourself and your business to know you're starting out on the right track.



When you are ready to sell your restaurant business, stop.  Call us.

How do you determine the right sales price?

How do you make the sale attractive to buyers?

Should the structure be an asset or stock sale?

What are the tax ramifications to the owners?

We have extensive experience in preparing the details to ensure a smooth transition and prevent surprises.  We can ensure your business is valuated optimally, walk you through what-if scenarios to determine the advantages of each sale structure and strategize for tax planning. 

Restaurant Financial Works
Entity Formation &
Business Plan Development

The restaurant industry is uniquely challenging, and starting out on the right path is integral to your restaurant's success.   The right steps taken well before the doors open for business can help ensure a smooth start and keep you focused on the things that matter most.  

From determining the best business entity type for your restaurant ownership to assisting with the structure of 

ongoing operations, we have the business and tax expertise

to bolster success.  

Entity Formation & Business Filings


Evaluating Financing Opportunities

Workers Comp Audits


We partner with you in all aspects of management

over and beyond just the numbers.  

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